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Young Nude Lolitas

Posted on July 15 2012


Related article: Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 10:56:56 -0800 (PST)From: Tim Mead Subject: Dr. Tim and the Boys, ch. 41The following fictional narrative involves sexually-explicit erotic eventsbetween men. If you shouldn't be reading this, don't.In the world of this story, the characters don't Young Nude Lolitas always use condoms. Inthe real world, you should care enough about yourself and others always topractice safe sex.The author retains all rights. No reproductions or links to other sitesare allowed without the author's consent.Thanks as always to Tom W., my patient editor, and to Ash, Mickey, Evan,and Patrick.timmead88yahoo.comChapter 41: The CandidateTIM:Gwen Fairchild had asked me to wait in my office for her to bring thecandidate, Richard Modarelli, to me. Ced and I were going to take him todinner at Stefan's and then back to our place for dessert. I felt sorryfor the guy. Those interview days were exhausting. He had arrived theevening before, had been dined and grilled by some of the senior members ofthe department. He'd had a morning of meetings with various people, afterwhich he had to make a presentation on something having to do with one orthe other of the articles he'd published within the last year. It was opento anyone who wanted to sit in. That had been right before lunch, and I'dbeen there.So, I'd seen the "victim" before he was delivered to me, and I wasimpressed. I'd be the first one to admit that I don't know much abouteighteenth-century British lit, but I'd read his articles, which wereobviously thoroughly researched. More than that, however, here was a guyof great intelligence who knew how to use his sources to say somethingworthwhile, not just to present a compendium of the facts he'd unearthed.Although he'd done his dissertation on members of Samuel Johnson's "Club,"Richard had gone back to the earlier eighteenth century and was looking atpeople who were writing biographies before Johnson's friend and Young Nude Lolitas biographer,Boswell. I confess he pulled me in, and I found his information and hisconclusions based on that information brilliant. His discussion of hisresearch and his answers to questions revealed a man with a great deal ofpoise. He seemed to be a little reserved, though that was natural underthe circumstances. He had a nice smile and what I took to be a quiet senseof humor.Did I mention that he was hot? Except for Max, I've never thought shortguys were very sexy. Maybe that's why I still have trouble understandingwhy Cedric thinks I am. But Richard Modarelli was a stud. About myheight, 5'6" or 5'7", he was much more muscular. Not fat, mind you! Hewas a soccer player in college, and he had the build to prove it. He hadthe black hair that went with his heritage, and eyes that could only bedescribed as black, also. His facial features looked like something off ofa classical statue. You know, Michelangelo's David, only shorter andstockier and with a neatly trimmed mustache. The `stache was probably tomake him look older, but I thought it gave him just a touch of mysterywhich I found very appealing.Most guys at an interview would have worn a jacket and tie or a suit. Iadmired Richard for his independence. He was wearing jeans, oilskin shoesthat had lugs part way up instead of eyelets, a blue button-down shirt, anda tweed jacket.I was becoming impatient for Gwen to bring him to me, but I knew that afterlunch he'd had to meet with the faculty personnel committee, the dean, and,with Gwen, plus anyone else they might bump into. I just hoped some of theold farts hadn't taken the occasion to lecture him on their own research ortheir theories of university teaching or whatever.When Gwen brought him to my office about 5:30, he was carrying a backpackin one hand and an overcoat in the other.She introduced us, winked at me, and quickly left, no doubt wanting to gethome to the fireside, her lawyer husband, and Young Nude Lolitas a drink.We shook hands. "Dr. Modarelli, it's a pleasure to meet you. I have readyour articles with interest, and I really enjoyed your discussion of themthis morning. Now, is there anything you need to do before we leave?""First of all, it's Rick. And, yeah, man, I gotta pee.!""We can stop by the men's room on our way out. And I'm Tim."I waited in the hallway for him. When he came out, he grinned and said,"Sorry to hold things up, but I haven't had a minute to catch my breath,much less take a whiz, all day."I grinned. "Yeah, I went through all this three years ago. I rememberwhat it's like. Gruelling, isn't it?""Well, I have done Young Nude Lolitas several other interviews since the MLA meeting, and thisone has been more civilized than they were.""Let's get out of here, and we can compare notes on interview procedures oryou can just take a few minutes to collect yourself while we pick up mypartner, and then we'll go to dinner. And drinks first, if that's OK withyou.""Sounds like a plan. You're sure you don't mind if I call you Tim?""Look, we're nearly the same age. Why wouldn't you?""Well, for one thing, you're one of the reasons Young Nude Lolitas why I applied here.""Oh?""Yeah. You've got quite a reputation as a comer, and I've read yourarticle. I'm eager to see the book, too. And with some of the otherpeople you have here, like Drs. Fairchild and Stein, I thought this lookedlike a place where I might like to teach.""Has anything happened to change your mind? Or should I ask?" I grinnedHe grinned back. "Not yet."We got into my car, and I drove home. On the way, he said, "You mentionedwe were picking up your partner?"I knew what he was asking, since these days "partner" doesn't necessarilyimply anything about the sex of the individual.I looked over at him, smiled, and said, "Yeah, Cedric."He seemed a little surprised. "You're gay?""Yeah. Is that a problem?""Just the opposite. So am I."Score one for Gwen! I thought she might have suspected Rick was gay andthat that was why she had asked Ced and me to take Young Nude Lolitas him to dinner.He asked me to tell him a little about Ced, which I was happy to do as wefinished the short drive to our place."Rick, unless you're too tired, we thought we'd have drinks at therestaurant and then Young Nude Lolitas come back here for dessert and whatever else we wantafterward.""Sounds great, Tim."I pulled up in front of our place and tapped lightly on the horn. Ced cameout the door shrugging into his overcoat. It was cold and beginning tosnow lightly.Rick got out of the car and introduced himself to Cedric, who, instead ofshaking hands, grabbed him in a big hug. I could see Rick's face. Helooked surprised, and then he relaxed and smiled. When he started to getinto the back seat of the car so Ced could sit with me, Ced refused,insisting that Rick stay in the front seat.After we had checked our topcoats at Stefan's, Maurice greeted Cedric andme by name and led us to a table in a fairly secluded area of therestaurant."Gentlemen, I'm sure it will be quiet enough here for you to talk withoutbeing disturbed. As you requested, Kent will be your server this evening,and he will be with you momentarily."Maurice strode away, looking very patrician and very French with his darkhair and slim mustache."Wow!" Rick said, smiling. "He's something else!"Cedrick leaned forward and said, "He calls himself Maurice Dore." Lookingat me, he continued, "Stan says he's really Morris Gold from New YorkCity."That set us all to laughing. We were still laughing, in fact, when Kentappeared."You gentlemen seem to be having a good time already.""Rick, this is Kent Statten. He, like Cedric, will be graduating thisspring, and, like Ced, will be Young Nude Lolitas going to law school. Kent, this isDr. Richard Modarelli, who may be joining our faculty next year.""I'm glad to meet you, Dr. Modarelli. Are you by chance related to thesenator?""It's nice to meet you, too, Kent. Yes, the senator is my dad.""Wow!"Rick chuckled. "I get that reaction a lot.""Well, we could use a lot more senators like your dad.""Hey, Kent, where are you applying to law school?" Cedric asked."Well, I want to stay in Ohio, so I'm applying here and to OSU. I've alsoapplied to Duke, though, just to see what happens. How about you?""I've applied several places, but I'm really hoping I'll make it intoMichigan.""Well, good luck. Hey, could Mark's dad be of any help there? Isn't thatwhere he went?""Yeah, but you know I wouldn't ask him for help.""Yeah, I understand. Well, gentlemen, I'd better take your drink ordersbefore Maurice gets his knickers in a twist."Modarelli had a dry sherry, Cedric opted for cabernet sauvignon, and I hadmy usual chardonnay. I asked Kent to bring some baked brie and crackerswith the wine. He said that would delay the order ever so slightly, so Iasked him to bring the wine now and the cheese when it was ready. I alsotold him we were on no hurry, knowing that he'd pace things accordingly."So, Dr. Modarelli," Cedric asked, "are you frazzled from all the grillingyou've been getting today?"Rick grinned. "Cedric, it's Rick, please. While I wouldn't say I wasfrazzled, it's been a somewhat tense day, and I'm happy to be here with youguys and anticipating getting my sherry."As well as I know him, Cedric can still surprise me. Since he was going tolaw Young Nude Lolitas school, I expected that he might want to start by asking Rick about hisfather. Instead, he mentioned that he had read Rick's two articles, andthat he had taken a course in eighteenth century Brit lit the previousyear."I had the impression that biography in England started with Boswell. Yetfrom reading your articles, it seems there was a lot of biography beforeBozzy.""First of all, Cedric, what were you doing reading my articles? Do youspend a lot of time in the library reading Young Nude Lolitas recent scholarship?"Ced grinned his megawatt smile. "Tell the truth and shame the devil,Angel, that is, my mother, always says. No, I don't do all that much. ButI knew we were going to be together this evening, so I made a point ofreading them.""Well," Rick said, "If you really want to know . . . ," and he began toanswer Cedric's question in some detail. Get a scholar started on hishobby horse, and he'll go on at tedious lengths sometimes.Kent showed up about then with the wine, and we paused. Then Rick broughthis longish answer to a close."Anyway, the short answer is yes, there's a lot of it. Some of it is veryinteresting. And for 100 years before Boswell, there were biographiesusing the `letter method' that most people think Boswell invented."I took the occasion to ask Rick about some of his professors at Brown whohad national reputations, and we found we knew someone in common, Young Nude Lolitas a womanwho had left Stanford and gone to Brown while I was working on my degree inCalifornia.The brie came, and we suspended the conversation to sample it and have somemore wine. Kent also recited the list of specials. I didn't want Rick tofeel he was still being interrogated, so we just made small talk.Rick set his sherry down and looked at me. "I have a question for you,professor.""Can it, Rick. I'm only an assistant professor at the moment. And youknow I'm Tim."He laughed. "Well, OK. I have a question for you, Tim."I grinned. "Fire away.""How typical is Cedric here of your English majors?""Ced is one of a kind. There is no one else like him.""Oh, I understand that. But still . . . .""To answer your question properly, Cedric is one of our best majors. Butwe have others who are equally bright, dedicated, hard working anddelightful. Except in a sexual, personal way, where, of course Ced standsalone."Rick chuckled. "I take that to mean that I might find some interestingstudents in my classes if I came here.""Yes, I think you could assume that."The conversation moved on.I was not, of course, allowed to show Cedric Rick's vita with itssupporting letters and other documentation, but I had told him a few thingsabout Rick. He mentioned that he knew Rick had played soccer in college.When Rick responded in the affirmative, they compared notes on playingsoccer and baseball as varsity sports. Rick was impressed with how big adeal intercollegiate athletics were here at the university compared to thesmall college he'd gone to."What about you, Tim, did you do any sports at college?""Yeah, if you want to call cross-country running a sport.""Of course it is. Takes lots of stamina. Where did you go to college?'"Kenyon. Ever heard of it?""Indeed! We always had trouble with their soccer team.""That's right. You went to college in Ohio, didn't you?""Sure did.""But you're from Chicago, aren't you?" Cedric asked."Yeah," Rick said, after he had swallowed a bite of brie and pita."What made you decide to come to Ohio?"Rick explained that he had gone to Philips in the east, and wanted to getback Young Nude Lolitas to the Midwest, so he had wound up at Young Nude Lolitas Cranmer.Kent returned to take our orders. Once he had ascertained that theUniversity, rather than yours truly, was paying for the meal, Rick orderedfilet mignon. Cedric asked for Veal Oscar, and I chose salmon.I can't remember everything we talked about. I do recall that Rick askedCed about his family, and I loved the animation with which Cedric told himabout Angel, Jake, and Keesha. I watched with pride and love as hedescribed how "cool" his parents were and how well his little sis was doingin school. Rick questioned him a bit more about his family, wanting alsoto know about the kind of law Jake practiced, where the firm was located,etc.We talked about the advantages of living near Cleveland. I learned thatRick loved classical music and had heard most of the major symphonies ofthe world while he was growing up in Chicago. So we talked about some ofthem for a while, along with favorite pieces and composers.Ced asked if Rick had ever been to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inCleveland. Rick said he had always meant to visit there while he was inOhio and had never managed a visit. He pointed out that in northwesternOhio people are more oriented toward Detroit as the nearest big city ratherthan Cleveland.After Kent came back with our meals, we spent a few minutes sampling ourfood. Cedric and I exchanged bites from our dishes, as we often did in arestaurant. We noticed Rick was grinning at us."What?" Cedric asked, returning the grin."You two are cute, like an old married couple.""Honey," Cedric answered, "we've not been together a year yet, and let metell you, the sex is hot. Nothing old about us!""Hey, Cedric, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you.""You didn't, man, you didn't. Tim and I are as close as any married couplecould be, but don't ever think we take each other for granted.""I'm sure Rick didn't mean to suggest that," I commented."Damn! I'm sorry. I've gone and shot off my mouth.""No problem, Cedric. As I said, it's so great just watching you twotogether. Now, I haven't mentioned it yet, but this dinner isfan-fuckin-tastic. I could get used to a place like this.""Rick," I said, "unless they offer you a great deal more than they'repaying me, you won't be able to afford to come here very often.""Yeah," he said, "I saw the prices. I'm surprised the university wouldspring for a place like this.""Well, they seem to want to impress candidates for faculty positions. Iwas treated to a meal here when Young Nude Lolitas I interviewed."The conversation drifted around for a while, and then we were done.Kent, who managed to know always what we needed without seeming to hover,showed up to ask if we wanted dessert."Rick, if you aren't too wiped," Cedric said, "we'd like you to come backand have dessert and maybe another drink or some coffee at our place."Rick smiled. "I don't particularly want to spend the time between now andbedtime in a hotel room, Cedric, and I've enjoyed being with you guys somuch, I'd like to take you up on that offer."Back at our place, we served up raspberry cheesecake drizzled with fudgesauce and, at Rick's request, decaf. He said he didn't sleep well anyway,and couldn't drink caffeinated coffee in the evening. Seemed strange for aguy as young as he is (my age), but we had some decaf on hand, so that'swhat we fixed.It was a cold, snowy night out, and we didn't have a fireplace. Isuggested cognac might warm us up, and Rick said that sounded nice. Wetook our drinks into the living room and sat.After an appreciative sip, Rick said, "We haven't talked about being gayyet. What kind of place is the university for gay people?"Cedric looked at me, and I looked at him. He shrugged and nodded slightlyto me to field that question."I'm not sure how to answer that, Rick. This is Ohio, not the East, soit's probably less gay-friendly than you're accustomed to. Certainlythings at Stanford were more open and accepting.""Yeah, well, one would expect that in California.""On the other hand," Cedric commented, "Kenyon and Oberlin are on a lot oflists of the most gay-friendly campuses, and so's Antioch.""Okay, gentlemen, but you're not answering my question, are you? Is theresomething you don't want to tell me?""We're not hiding anything, but I admit we're not sure how to answer thequestion. You see, Cedric and I just came out before Christmas. At adepartment party, to be specific.""Has there been any negative reaction?""Not from my colleagues. Not so far, anyway. Nor from my students. I'mnot sure how many of them know. Oh, I suppose the word has gotten aroundto the English majors, but I'm teaching mostly service courses this term,and I'm sure the rank and file undergrads have no idea I'm gay and livingwith Ced.""Well, unless their gaydar is exceptional, they wouldn't think you weregay."Cedric grinned. "Believe me, he is."I frowned at him."How about your teammates, Cedric?"I was glad Rick asked that question because I'd been meaning to ask Ced thesame thing."Until pre-season practice starts in another month, I won't really see anyof them, unless we just bump into each other on campus or around townsomeplace. So far, there's been no reaction at all. But I imagine whenpractice begins, I'll hear from some of them."Rick took a sip of his brandy. "Do you guys Young Nude Lolitas know other gays on campus?""Yes, we know several. And there's a Straight/Gay Alliance here which isgrowing. The president of the group is very effective. He also writes aweekly column in the university newspaper on things of interest to the GLBTcommunity.""Have there been any ugly incidents that you know of?""Not that I can think of in the three years I've been here.""Well, Tim," Cedric corrected me, "there was the thing with Steve.""Yeah, but that involved high schoolers."Rick asked us to explain, and we did.When we were finished, he said, "That's ironic. The guy was attackedbecause they thought he was a gay pedophile, and he's neither?""Yep.""So, Tim, tell me this. Are you happy here? Planning to stay, make acareer here?"I thought about that. "Yeah, I think so. I have no complaints. But whatI do in the future may have something to do with what Cedric does. I don'tknow whether I can stand to let him go very far away to law school. Idon't want to be any sort of drag on his career. I just wouldn't want usto have to be apart for a long time."Ced put his glass down, reached over, took my hand, and squeezed. "Timmy,YOU have to do what is best for your career. I can go to law school hereif that's the way for us to stay together."I glanced at Rick, who seemed fascinated. "Ced, we can talk about thislater, babe, OK?""Sure. So answer the man's question.""Oh, yeah, right. Well, Rick, yes, so far, the department has been verysupportive of me. I like the students and most of my colleagues. If youcan stand these damned winters, it's not a bad place to be. And it's easyto get into Cleveland for music and theater, in addition to what theUniversity has to offer in those areas, of course. And sports, if youthink Cleveland has any professional sports teams worth going to see.""Watch it, now!" Cedric growled.Changing the subject, I said, "Rick, I'm sure you've already been askedthis today, but tell me what your goals are. What do you see yourselfdoing ten years from now?"He grinned. "This isn't what you meant, but I'd love to see myself havingwhat you and Cedric have. I want more than anything else to find myself aguy. One guy. Someone to love and take care of who'll love and take careof me. It's been such a treat watching you two together. I can see howmuch you love and trust each other.""I hope you find your guy, Rick.""Yeah," Ced chimed in.After that, I didn't have the heart to press him on my original question,so I let it slide.Ced stepped in and got Rick talking about the eighteenth century again, andsomehow the topic drifted to recent movies, and we chatted comfortablyuntil almost midnight."Well, gentlemen, it's getting late. I'd better be going on my way so youtwo can get to bed. But one of you has to take me, I'm afraid.""Let me do that," Cedric offered."No, babe, I can do it. It's my job.""Well, all right. Rick, it's been really great getting to know you. Young Nude Lolitas I'mnot supposed to say this, but, what the fuck, I hope you get the job. Ithink you'd be a great addition to the English Department faculty!"Rick stood up, went over to Cedric, and hugged him. "Thanks, Cedric. I'mnot supposed to say this, either, but if I'm offered the job, I think I'lltake it."That was wonderful. I had planned to ask Cedric his opinion of Rick, but Icouldn't ask Rick if he would take the job if offered. That's notaccording to the protocols. It was helpful to me to know he had found theUniversity acceptable.Rick and I bundled into our coats and went to the car, which I had left outfront. I drove him back to his motel."Tim, I've been so impressed by what I've read. By what you've written,and by what I've read about you. Even though I don't know a hell of a lotabout the Lost Generation and Dos Passos, I'm really looking forward toreading your book. It's been a real treat to get to know you. And Cedric.You're a lucky man.""Yeah.""To have Cedric, I mean.""Yes, Rick. I knew what you meant.""Would it be inappropriate to ask for a hug?""Probably," I replied. Then I leaned over gave him a hug.When I got home, I Young Nude Lolitas put the car in the garage and went inside.Ced had turned off all the downstairs lights except for the nightlight inthe hallway, so I went upstairs.When I got to the bedroom, he was lying naked in the bed, cock erect andtenting the covers.I pissed, brushed my teeth, got out of my clothes, and crawled into bedwith him.After a long kiss, which I've always thought Ced was a master at, we cameup for air."So, babe. Shall I recommend to Gwen that we hire Dr. Modarelli?""Since Young Nude Lolitas you asked, yes. Let's get this over with, so we can get back to theimportant stuff. You tell me his credentials are impeccable. For whatit's worth, I think his articles are both great. I didn't mention itbefore, but he writes without all the scholarly jargon that many so-calledscholarly articles are full of. And I really liked the guy.""Anything else?""Well, not at the moment. What Young Nude Lolitas did you think of him?""Pretty much the same as you. You were wonderful, you know. I was soproud of you as you talked with him."I need for you to be proud of me, sweetheart." He paused. "So are yougoing to recommend him to Doc Gwen?""Yes. I'd like to have Rick as a colleague."Cedric grabbed me and pulled me onto him. "Ya sure it's not because he'ssuch a hot little stud?""Stupid! I don't even notice whether guys are hot or not. I've got you,and that's plenty for me."He chuckled, and I could feel the rumble in his chest. "Yeah, right. Sowho's going to do what to who? Whom?""Whatever you want, sweetheart.""You know, Tim, this is getting to be a problem. Both of us want so muchto please each other, we can't make decisions anymore."CEDRIC:"Bullshit," Tim said. "Shut up and fuck me!"I laughed. "Okay, hon, decision made." He was still on my chest, so Ikissed him again. Our tongues fought with each other, probing, exploring.He sucked on mine. After a while, I began to chew lightly on his lowerlip. Sneaky, as per usual, was throbbing and leaking. I felt Tim's cutecock dripping onto my belly.I grabbed each of his butt cheeks and began to knead them. Then, with themiddle finger of my right hand, I began to tickle his taint. Withoutpulling away from our kiss, he groaned and began humping my stomach.I chuckled. "You are one horny little fucker tonight, aren't you, babe?"He broke the kiss long enough to growl, "No, dolt. You're the fuckertonight! Whenever you're ready, that is."Sheesh! Having an English professor for a lover can be a trial, at times.I pushed him away from the kiss and stuck that middle finger in his mouth.He sucked on it as if it were a nipple. When he had it good and slobbery,I took it out of his mouth and inserted it carefully into his chute. Hewiggled his ass around a little and went back to kissing and humping.I've accused Tim of wanting to analyze things to death, even our sex, butat that moment I understood just how lucky I was. I understood why Rickenvied us. And I sincerely hoped he'd find somebody sometime."I've heard of aggressive bottoms, babe, but you take the cake!""Yeah, wait until tomorrow, and I'll show you what an aggressive top cando.""Promises, promises!"I rolled over a little, spilling him off of me. He landed face down in thepillow. I got behind him and pulled his butt up. Then I began to lickthat sweet, firm, little white ass. I lapped at each cheek, not, at first,venturing into his crack. As I did, I wondered if enough time had passedthat I could suggest that we shave his balls and crevice. I knew he hadbeen shaved the previous spring as part of a very traumatic experience, andI didn't want to bring back unpleasant memories. But I'd been shaving myballs and crack for him for some time, and I'm not sure he even noticed.As my hungry tongue ventured nearer and nearer to his cleft, he began toencourage me."Oh, yeah, baby. You have such a talented tongue. Use it on me! Lick me!Lick my hole. Eat me, Ced, please!"I chuckled. "Professor Mead. What a slut I've turned you into in less thana year! Perhaps I should repent and swear off.""You just try it, and I'll see that you never graduate from thisinstitution! Young Nude Lolitas Now, shut the fuck up and eat me!""Oooh, professor, what a nasty mouth you have. And Young Nude Lolitas you're so bossy. Ithink I'll have to consider some retraining for you.""Yeah, well, whatever. You can't just get me to this state and then start adialogue. Are you going to do something back there, or should I go read?""Well, if you put it that way . . . , " I said. And I began to lick hisopening. He shivered and twitched and thrust has butt toward me. Itickled his rosebud with the tip of my tongue."Oh, Young Nude Lolitas god, Ced, eat me, please.""How far you've come in less than a year, professor.""Dammit, Cedric, you sadist. What do you want from me? Young Nude Lolitas Please, baby, dosomething!"Well, not really a sadist, I began to rim him in earnest, moving quickly totongue fucking him. He moaned his appreciation.I reached around his leg and grabbed his throbbing, dripping cock."Oh, don't DO that!""Don't use my tongue?""NO, oh god, no! Don't jack me. I'm about to come, and I don't want toyet.""Oh, why didn't you say so?""Cedric, you are a bastard! When are you going to fuck me? I've got thisitch in my ass that only Sneaky can soothe. Please cut the fun and gamesand Young Nude Lolitas do me, babe."My playful mood vanished as I heard my sweet little guy plead with me, so Igrabbed the lube from the bedside table and put some of it on my cock. Islathered a lot on his opening, and then pushed it up into his chute withmy finger."Ah, yes, sweetheart. That's where it itches, burns, hurts, needs Sneaky!"I finger fucked him for a while as he groaned his appreciation, and thenwithdrew the finger to lube up Sneaky. He wiggled his adorable littlealabaster ass at me while I did."Roll Young Nude Lolitas over, babe. I want to see your face while we do this.""Okay," he groused, "but if you keep me waiting much longer, I'm going togo to Rick's motel!""You wouldn't," I pouted, sticking my lower lip out."Jones, if you don't soon stick that thing in me, you may very well findout. Young Nude Lolitas Fuck meeee!"He pulled his knees back against his shoulders. I grabbed both his anklesin one hand and put the tip of my cock against his winking pucker.Before I knew what was happening, I was inside him, as if he had inhaledSneaky.I've made it sound as if Tim were a total bottom, but he isn't. I love itwhen he's the top, and he's masterful when he does me. He's just eager.And who wouldn't love him for that?"Getting him ready and then teasing him with the delay had made him prettyhot, and, not surprisingly, he came first. But his shooting all over hisbelly and chest triggered my orgasm, so I came almost immediately after hedid.I collapsed onto him for a moment. We both lay there, coming down from thehigh, moaning a little. Post-coital euphoria, I think it's called.Then I pushed away and began to lick up his cum. Keeping his eyes shut, hesmiled and groaned his appreciation.He grabbed me by the neck and pulled me down for a kiss."Mmm, I taste my cum. You are SO . . . .""Sexy? Masterful? Wonderful? Overwhelming?" I asked, grinning."All of the above, babe. Thank you. I love you so much."I rolled off him onto my right side, scooping him into my arms, and as Idid so Sneaky came out of his ass with a soft `plop.' We kissed again, fora long time.I was beginning to drift off to sleep, when Tim asked, "How did things gothis evening?""Great! I thought we'd been through all that.""Don't you think there's an underlying sadness about Rick? As if perhapsthere's something in his past that he never mentioned?""Well, maybe. But we've all got things in our past we don't talk about.Anyway, I really liked him.""Now you have me curious. Tomorrow I'll want to know what deep secrets youhave in your past you haven't told me about."I chuckled. "Lover, I was speaking generally. I haven't hidden anythingfrom you.""I hope not. But, as for Rick, I think he's not really a happy guy.Besides that, I have this nagging feeling that there's something about himthat I've overlooked, a connection that I should have made, somehow.""Timmy, does that mean you're not going to recommend that Gwen hire him?""No way! I think Rick would make a great colleague.""You sure you don't think that just because the dude's sexy?""Oh, you think he's sexy, do you?""Yeah. Another hot, short little fucker."He grabbed my left nipple and squeezed hard enough to make my eyes water."Well, I've got about all the sex I can handle with you, stud." Young Nude Lolitas Then herolled back on top of me and we kissed some more.[To be continued.]
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